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Writing a Novel Scholarships 2015

Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin is pleased to announce the continuation of the Writing a Novel Scholarship in 2015. The Scholarship offers one person in Sydney and one person in Melbourne a free place on our six-month Writing a Novel course. ... more


The 2013 Writing a Novel Anthology

The Faber Writing Academy 'Writing a Novel Anthology 2013' is now available as a free ebook from Kindle.

Faber 2013 Writing a Novel Anthology

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New! Kick start your writing life with Start to Write

Kick start your writing life with Start to Write, a 1-day course in Melbourne and Sydney on 22 November. For only $150 you get a great day's intensive teaching and you'll be entitled to our alumni discount on further courses – so if you're considering a Faber Writing Academy course, why not try us out first?

The Art of Story

11 October 2014

At the heart of good writing, whatever the genre, is the art of imagination, and the technique of scene construction, and writing about place and character. There is also the evolving structure of a story. This workshop will include discussion, feedback, question sessions and writing exercises. ... more

A Taste of Food Writing

11 October 2014

Explore the science of taste and the language of food in this one-day worksdhop for both aspiring and published food writers with renowned food journalist, Helen Greenwood. ... more

Getting Published as a Writer for Children

25 October 2014

This one-day course offers new writers for children an understanding of what goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices, how to give themselves the best chance of publication and what to expect from the publishing process. ... more

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An interview with Arnold Zable on the art of story

You've written memoir, fiction, columns, essays and plays, what have you learnt from using these different forms?
The craft of storytelling has a central role to play in all of those forms. Critical to this is an understanding of the true meaning of the word, imagination and its relation to the art of scene construction. The word imagination derives from the word 'image'. In other words, the act of imagining is the act of seeing, of hearing and so on. It is sensual. It draws upon the senses to create scenes. If the writer is fully present and alert to the story and to the scenes they are creating, then the reader will be present.

... read more